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How to Change a Day

Reinvent your life by reinventing how you choose to feel.

Our experience of life and what we want for ourselves cannot be defined nor compared to the lives lived by other people.


Now read that again.


The only way to find contentment and excitement in life is to define it for ourselves and claim the authorship.  NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and other work related to the subconscious mind actively works with emotions because they are the key to changing negative emotions and limiting beliefs. all starts with how you choose to feel.


Here is one way to Change a Day and to begin walking down a

path of self-discovery and reinvention


Step 1 - Identify

Take some time and write down how you would like to feel every morning when you wake up. That moment when your feet lightly touch down on the floor, you stretch your arms up and feel.....<insert high emotions> (for example, free, content, safe...etc). Avoid 'tasks' (e.g. I would like a coffee), avoid relying on someone else (e.g. waking up with Mr./Ms Universe) and avoid facts (e.g. knowing I have $1million in the bank). This is about simply feeling a particular way for no reason. It’s about being at peace the moment you wake up.


Step 2 - Practice

Write out those 'high' emotions on post-it notes and stick in places where you usually work or hang out. Throughout the day, notice those emotions and practice what it feels like to feel like that. If this is not easy for you, imagine or pretend what it would be like. Even if you have to make it up - the importance is that you are practicing to FEEL a new way.

**Do this everyday without stopping – this is the secret sauce**


Step 3 - Enhance

Make note now of the small adjustments can you begin to make that bring more of those feelings into your daily life. You will find that it doesn't take much...a little awareness goes a long way. For example, if you want to feel free - identify an activity that is freeing. Like a walk or creative activity. And while you are doing this...FEEL the new emotion.


Step 4 - Assess

Notice how your new perspective matches up with your old routines and ways of doing things. Allow those new positive feelings to help guide the changes that are necessary to get you through uncertainty, shining a new light on areas ripe for reinvention, flexibility and perhaps a little bravery.


Confidence comes with expertise, so become an expert in yourself. Get to know how you really feel and begin to identify what is ready to be released for goals and dreams that are so much more important.



For more information on how to use this or any other inquiry, please contact me at:


Chantell Tunney


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