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Design your life with a single thought.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Clinical Hypnotherapy combined with integrated Health Coaching facilitates the release of old beliefs, negative emotions and behavioural patterns that keep you from living with ease and freedom - 100% of the time. 

Why wait any longer to move on with your life.

Freedom.  Release.  Healing. 

Move beyond where you imagine possible.

Chantell Tunney

Welcome, Bienvenue, Miigwetch.

With over 20 years of experience in health and mental wellness, I specialize in facilitating the removal of the limiting beliefs, trauma and negative emotions that get in the way of living life to its fullest expression. I draw my understanding and inspiration from my many years working with different people and communities all over the world.  I help you get unstuck.

My work involves so much more than hypnosis and changing patterns. I believe in whole healing, a new start that gives you an invitation into a life you have always wanted for yourself. Because it IS possible.

I genuinely love what I do and feel blessed to live my life on this path of service and connection.  Please browse through the brief information I have provided through this site, however I always support conversation as the best form of research. Feel free to contact me without hesitation.

I extend my sincere ackowledgement and gratitude to all the teachers and healers who have blessed me with advice, teachings, patience and encouragement over the many years of learning and healing.  May peace, good health, ease and bright light find you in every step. 

~ Chantell Tunney C.Ht, MNLP, RHC

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To schedule your short

20 minute session  to explore options please contact me. Please be sure to leave a contact telephone number that you can be reached at.

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